Urban words, street words,

Hi all, new to this and I was wondering what is the general disbute currently adopted by the family, of weather Street slang, urban and even text speak Inc emoji, should be added more often, I think it should but a lot have seemed to now be main stream, others disagree. Thoughts please,.... Many of family get very heated over the topic??????? 


  • Hi @vdalby658
    Welcome to the community!
    In reply to your question, Oxford Dictionaries aim to record the actual use people make of words, provided there is enough evidence for a particular word or sense.

    Considering this, slang, urban and text speak do reflect the actual way people use the language, and may all constitute valid dictionary entries - however, as I mentioned above, there needs to be sufficient evidence that a particular use is well established.

    There is a little bit more about how words are added to the dictionary here (and how we find new words and meanings), I hope you find it interesting!

    Incidentally, I'm not sure if you're aware, but our 2015 Word of the Year was actually an emoji :)

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