Origin of the word teleport.

The Oxford English Dictionary gives this as the origin of the word teleport: 1950s: back-formation from teleportation ( 1930s), from tele- ‘at a distance’ + a shortened form of transportation.

However, the Wikipedia article on teleportation gives a link to an Australian Government database of old newspapers that has an article from the June 28, 1878 issue of the Capricornian that uses the word teleport. I know that Wikipedia isn’t a trusted source, but I think that this newspaper database would be.


I was inspired to write to you by The Word Detective: Searching for the Meaning of It All at the Oxford English Dictionary by John Simpson


  • Hello @Mikelibrarian. Thank you for this! We actually date teleport as a noun back to 1878 already...

    It's the same quotation, though different newspaper (possibly the newspaper the Capricornian is quoting?), but well found!

    Best wishes,


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