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Please correct the sentence

The file which I sent you yesterday is the pdf correction sample of another book. which shows how the author have highlighted and annotated the corrections in the pdf. I have shared the files agian via dropbox to Dr Daniel and you. Please check.


    1. the pdf correction sample of another book is not clear. I think you should re-write the sentence using the name of the file in full. If possible, mark it with styling such as bold. If you can't do that, put the name of the file in quotation marks'
    2. Do you mean 'taken from another book, where it is a simple' or 'a sample showing what another book is like'? In either case, I don't think you can use of without some wording to make it clear.
    3. another book. which shows The punctuation is impossible. You could use a comma, but I suspect you want a new sentence: ...another book. This shows...
    4. the author have highlighted is a grammar mistake, Either_ the author has highlighted_ or the authors have highlighted.
    5. shared the files agian The spelling is wrong, but again isn't really the right word. I think you mean forwarded. If you're really taking about repeating a past action, I would use as before or as usual.
    6. Is it one forwarding message to two recipients or two messages? If the latter, then write: to Dr Daniel and to you.
    7. If you write to someone about the recipient and someone else, it's more polite to put them in that order: you and Dr Daniel.
  • Can someone correct this paragraph....

    It was my first day at college. I went to the classroom and started reading a book. My teacher came to the class and gave an introduction. When I was in my school, I was in the 3rd position, I always wanted to be in the first position.

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