Direct objects not after transitive verbs

(1) Discuss the following topics among the group members.
(2) Discuss among the group members the following topics.

Can I rewrite sentence (1) like sentence (2)? I mean if it's possible grammatically that direct objects can be used immediately not after transitive verbs like I used it in sentence (2).

Thanks in advance.


  • @mnahid89, what matter is the weight of the OBJECT. A heavy phrase expresses something important and uses a number of words, some with stressed syllables.

    This a principle rather than a rule. You can see it in the extremes:

    • Too light: Discuss among the group members
    • Too heavy: Discuss many topics as came up in the documentary last night about about the arguments in Trump's America over so-called 'fake news' ....among the group members.

    In your example, the following topics is quite a long phrase *six syllables, with two stresses). And it's much more important than the phrase _among the group members_, which you could miss out without greatly changing the sense.

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