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Dear sir/madam,

I am preparing for Graduate Record Exam and I am facing difficulties to comprehend complex and easy level sentence structures of English, especially sentences which comprises conjunctions. Everyday, i learned bunch of words from dictionary but problem remains same. If you provide me some fruitful suggestions and tips regarding comprehension and essay writing skills.
I am grateful to you if you provide me suggestions. I need of expert guidance please help me.

Thank you so much for attending my message

Rupesh Bhawsar


  • I used to teach people like you, Rupesh. In the old days, I would recommend a book. Nowadays, you have to look online.

    I've just used google to search english for learners written sentence.

    Some of the sites look interesting, but I don't know whether they would be helpful for you. One site in particular looks promising for one of your problems:


    This tries to help you to use grammar rather than just learning vocabulary.

  • Dear sir,

    Glad to see your response.
    Could you give me tips for writing skill of language ? any book or website.

    Thank you so much for giving your precious time.

    Rupesh Bhawsar

  • SimoneSimone admin
    edited January 2018

    Hi @Bhawsar_rupesh4
    Have a look at our Grammar pages on the Oxford English dictionary site.
    There you will find not only grammar articles, but help with spelling and pronunciation, and writing guides.
    And of course, if you have any specific questions, do post them here on the forum, we'll do our best to help!
    Good luck with your exam :)

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