Why it is better to start learning another language?

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Hello! I want to learn French. Any courses there are not always useful so constantly they are visited by people who have a different level of language skills. I would like to study individually on online courses. Will there be recommendations?
I heard that there are good starting French online courses Babbel. Do I need to start with them?


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    Hi @Delfie
    Apologies for the late reply, but thanks for reaching out to our community.

    Are you familiar with Bab.la?
    Bab.la is part of the OUP group, and they provide good resources for language learning for free.

    There are also some great resources on our Oxford French dictionary site.
    However, this is part of our premium content and available by subscription only.

    You will notice that I've had to remove the link from your post - I apologise for that, but as per our Member Guidelines, external commercial links are unfortunately not allowed on the posts.

    I hope this helps, and good luck with your French learning!

  • You can study these courses at the embassies. There are certain courses, they are expensive, but they are worth it, according to the opinions of their attendees.

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    You can also easily visit this [link removed by moderation] aggregator of foreign language courses. They have their own peculiar and unusual teaching methods, based on working with the native speaker of the chosen language. This very harmoniously develops your knowledge of the language. You can try it also.

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    Continue a learning of English is a good thing that makes everyone better, but it's not that easy. Back there in Poland i felt like i've stuck in, so i've got some help [commercial link removed by moderation] and finally moved forward. Get yourself some help as well.

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    I need english language to complete a degree after finishing school, so now I'm studying with a tutor on Skype. She is the best teacher I ever had and explains things clearly.

  • There is never too late to learn something. Learn as many languages as you can.

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