To improve grammer

I can able to speak in broken english. I want to improve my grammer. help me with providing some tips. Tried to study grammer its not working out for me. provide me some tips and tricks will try to implement in my day to day life. Thanks


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    Hi @adeban
    Welcome to our community!
    Yes, you're not alone, mastering grammar can be frustrating.
    There is a whole grammar section on our English dictionary site, and maybe you will find it useful:
    There are tips, writing guides, help with spelling, lots of stuff!

    And there is also the Oxford Dictionary blog, which is very interesting and fun.

    You can search both section for specific topics of interest.
    And of course, if you have any particular grammar question, you can always post it here :)

    I hope this helps, and good luck!

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    @adeban, different tips and trips work for different people. For most people, a good trick is to do what you're already doing. You are speaking English — even though you know that it's 'broken English'. Practice is a good thing for (almost) everybody.

    Try to listen to yourself sometimes. You won't hear all your mistakes, but you'll probably recognise things which you know are wrong.

    When you feel comfortable with the person that you're speaking with, ask for some feedback sometimes. Ask Is that clear? or Are these the right words?. Some people may help you, if they can. But you need to ask first.

    Some people find that practice in reading helps them to speak more easily. This may not help you, but do try it. Find things to read in English that you find interesting and entertaining.

    It may also help if you can find interesting and entertaining things for listening practice. This is difficult, I know. Look on the internet for short bits of TV programs or stories that you already know. If it's difficult, stop listening and find something easier.

    Some people find that writing practice helps. You've written a post here, which is good — because it's short and has a purpose. Somebody may correct your spelling or your grammar or your punctuation — but only if you ask them to.

    I'm sorry that studying grammar doesn't work for you. Perhaps it can help if you select one grammar point — for example the use of can and be able. Study what the grammar book or website says, then look for examples in your own speaking and writing and in what you read and hear. Then when you feel comfortable (or tired) choose another grammar point.

    For some people it helps to think about functions, that is the jobs that language does. For example, in your post there are two REQUESTS. Think of the ways we ask politely in English when we want somebody to do something. Many books and websites tell you about the grammar of English, but there are also places that tell you about these functions.

    Good luck!

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    It's probably a good idea to point out that the correct spelling is "grammar" and not "Grammer". 
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