Put Up Facts

Dear teachers,

May I know what does the phrasal verb, "put up", means in the following sentence? I found the sentence in Oxford Dictionary when I looked up "stead" (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/us/stead)

An accurate representation of the facts was soon put up in its stead.

I check other dictionaries but none has used the phrasal verb in the way that it is used in the example sentence.

Could someone help me?

Thank you very much.


  • The most likely meaning here is that the accurate representation was posted on a notice board — or in some similar way left for people to read.

    Here's a definition from another dictionary (Collins COBUILD):

    1. phrasal verb
      If you put up a poster or notice, you fix it to a wall or board.
      They're putting new street signs up. [VERB noun PARTICLE]
      The teacher training college put up a plaque to the college's founder. [VERB PARTICLE noun]
  • Hi @Antaryamin,

    Yes, I agree with David - judging from this context 'put up' is literal, i.e. 'put up' somewhere for people to see. Posted on a noticeboard is a good suggestion, or it could also mean that something was uploaded to a website, as in 'an accurate representation of the facts was soon put up online'.

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    Thank you very much, @DavidCrosbie and @georgiemalcolm. I truly appreciate your help and patience.

  • Among its many meanings "put up" is synonym for (re)present, display, arrange, show and so on. In my humble opinion these are meanings closest to your query.

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