weight on heel


Im reading this novel Jasper Jones which its author is Australian. Theres a line that says:

"My weight is on my heel."

I wonder if this is an idiom (perhaps an Australian idiom.)

Please help. Thanks.


  • You'll need to provide more context to judge whether the phrase is idiomatic or not. I've not heard of any such idiom, but that would not preclude the possibility.

    A quick Google search turns up this:

    "...My anticipation is usurped by a sense of terrible foreboding. Something is wrong. Something has happened. My weight is on my heel. I don't want to be here anymore."

    This reads to me like a reference to posture which means the sentence can be taken literally. However, there is a subtext: physiologically the way weight is distributed on your feet can indicate mood or intention. Boxers and dancers have to be very nimble on their feet and so tend to put more weight in the front part of the foot which requires more muscular effort but can react faster; placing more weight on the heel allows the muscles to relax and lets the skeleton take more of the effort of keeping you upright which saves energy but is slower to respond. So, mentioning the fact that the weight is on the heel in this passage is a device to (further) indicate the protagonist's reluctance to continue.

  • PS, you seem to be using the character ` (the button just above [TAB] on a UK keyboard) instead of ' (a normal apostrophe), which is why the text has gone funny.

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