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"Mention ABOUT" in Oxford Dictionary

Dear sir,

When I looked up "or else" in your dictionary, definition section 1.1 says,

"1.1 In circumstances different from those mentioned; if it were not the case." And, one of the example sentences is, ‘It was a good thing she never mentioned ABOUT it, or else I would have been really hurt.’

I thought verbs like "mention" and "discuss" are not followed by the preposition "about". I should appreciate it if you could clarify this.

Thank you very much.


  • Hi @Antaryamin
    Apologies for the very late reply - somehow your question was completely missed when you posted.
    Let me get in touch with my colleagues from the team of editors, bear with me!

  • hi again, @Antaryamin

    I've just heard back from my editor colleagues, and they've sent me the following reply regarding your question:

    "The examples that appear when you click the ‘more example sentences’ button on Oxford Dictionaries are taken from real-life use in electronic sources, and are selected to illustrate the sense of the word being looked at (or else, in this case). Because they represent real people’s use of language, the examples sometimes contain unusual usages of other words, as is the case with the phrase ‘mention about’ in this example. We’re always grateful when our readers bring such issues to our attention. Our editors will review the entry to consider whether this example should be removed."

    So I hope this helps, and many thanks for flagging this up to our attention! :)

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