Sorting words by Band 1

Any help on if it is possible to sort words in terms of low frequency ie Band 1?
Thank you.


  • Hi @zmahmud741
    To make sure I won't reply to you with any incorrect information, let me double-check with a colleague, and I'll get back to you - bear with me!

  • Hello @zmahmud741

    I was able to find some information about this for you.

    Words in Band 1 are so rare that their frequency can’t be meaningfully measured even in a very large corpus: effectively, anything in Band 1 counts as ‘vanishingly rare’, and any attempt to rank them against each other would inevitably say more about the ranking methodology than about the reality of their relative frequency.

    Which means that, unfortunately, filtering words this way (were it possible at all!) wouldn't produce results likely to be very meaningful.

    I hope this was useful in some way, even if it is not possible to filter words in the way you were hoping for!

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    Thank you Simone for the response. FWIW, it was more for bragging rights about knowing obscure words! But I suppose stumbling upon 'single-dot' words like whinchat, hatti humayun etc by accident would now be more rewarding than getting them all in one fell swoop.

  • Also, if anyone needs help regarding this particular information in the future, one can always visit this following site, now that I remember:

  • Ah, cool, I'm glad it was of help!
    Have fun exploring the dictionary for 'single-dot' words - had never thought of doing this myself, but now that you brought it up, I imagine it can be quite interesting :)

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