User instructions

For some reason, I prefer the term User instructions to User's instructions. What say you?

Actually, I guess the latter is even somewhat more ambiguous than the former, an ambiguity you do not get in combination with 'manual' or 'guide'.


  • Hi @norwegianblue
    Oh, I agree with you - the latter does seem to be more ambiguous, at least to me!
    (As there could be a situation where the instructions would be coming from the user.)
    This is just a general piece about apostrophes, from our English pronunciation pages, but see if it helps:
    Apostrophe (')

  • Thank you, @Simone

  • Hi @norwegianblue,

    I cannot recall seeing too many possessive apostrophes in such situations. Thinking about it, you are referring to instructions for a user rather than instructions belonging to a user. Obviously, it will often be the case that both of those descriptions apply but the critical relationship the label needs to describe is the for.

  • And yet in educational publishing, books for different participants are called Teacher's Book and Student's Book.

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