Confusion about care and prevention..

Care is better than cure.
Prevention is better than cure.

please let me know, after reading the aforesaid sentences that which one is the correct sentences.
your help would be highly appreciated.


  • Prevention is better than cure is a saying that we learn and use as a unit, maqsood. It means 'It's better to act now to prevent something harmful from happening than to act later to undo the harm'. It's usually a comment on a possible problem which you think can be prevented.

    When I say 'as a unit' I mean that we don't think of it as made up or parts that can be changed. We don't say Prevention is better than medication or Avoidance is better than cure.

    We don't say Care is better than cure. I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean. If you mean 'It's better to be careful so as to prevent it', then say It's better to take precautions.

    Care is used in different ways. We say Take care meaning Be careful. But care on its own means 'looking after' or 'protecting'. Care workers are workers who help people with physical difficulties — old people, for example, who can't look after themselves. Children in care are children who have been taken away from their families because they need protection. And without a care means 'without a worry'.

    Yes we do say with care meaning 'carefully' but usually when warning somebody about a danger. For example, you may see warning instructions Handle with care. But instructions on an exam paper are much more likely to be Read carefully.

  • LanavivoLanavivo
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    Of course, If we know how to prevent, prevention is much better than cure. But no prevention is absolutely effective, so we still need to learn more about how to cure the disease in the best way.

  • @Lanvivo, if prevention is not effective then it isn't prevention.

    To express your idea, we have to say 'preventive measures' or 'attempts to prevent' or something similar.

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