Own Word list?

Anyone know if you’re able to create and save your own word lists on the online dictionary - like you can on the Cambridge dictionary.

Many thanks


  • SimoneSimone admin
    edited April 9

    Hi @lucinda
    Thanks for your interest.

    This is not possible directly on our dictionary sites, unfortunately. 

    Something that might interest you, however, is our Oxford Dictionaries API. 
    If you go to our documentation page on the API site, you can generate word lists from all the dictionaries available through the API.

    And if you scroll down the page, you will find the categories and filters which you can apply to get specific lists.
    The tools you will see there might not look very user friendly at first, but if you open any of them you will see that there are a number of parameters which you can apply to get a particular word list.
    If you need any help and we can guide you step-by-step on how to use it, just let us know!

    Just note that this is not a way of saving a list of favourite words, but of getting a list of words with particular characteristics from the dictionary.

    @jhyang, I see you expressed interest in this question as well, so I hope this is useful for you too!

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