You don't have to know grammar to write grammatically

Just a flame-throw: Of course you have to have learned grammar rules - sing/pl; past participle; subjunctive - but you don't have to bring in the rules to tell us why a sentence is wrong. We SEE.


  • DavidCrosbieDavidCrosbie ✭✭✭

    @vjamal915, as a teacher of English language, a student of English language teaching, a trainer of English language teachers, an English language teaching consultant and an observer from retirement, I can report from these decades of experience that a vast number of people learning a language just DON'T SEE.

    If you glance down the Discussions, you'll soon not that quite a number of people writing here

    • don't see
    • realise that they don't see
    • ask for someone to explain why the sentence is wrong (or not)

    Grammar rules are not always useful. Indeed it's possible to learn to speak a language without learning a single rule. (It's less easy to learn to write.) But when students want to stop making mistakes — that's when grammar rules come in to help.

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