You don't have to be born English-babbling to speak/write Englishi correct[sic]

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English is quite well known/written/and spoken in nonEnglish British Commonwealth - i.e. among Indians, Pakistanis and Africans. Often there is colloquialism, but in written texts (unless reporting direct speech) we use correct English. English has to be learnt - irregardless[sic] where you are born. It is US English-speakers who write shudof, cudof, wudof, write loose for lose, compliment for complement, etc. The point is they write what they hear growing up, as in shudof etc and for the others they write as they please if they did not learn at school. Mind you US writers innovate the most - fail for failure, object for objective, hate for hatred, using nouns as verbs and vice versa, dropping the ly from adverbs - and I like that trend.
Excuses. I am sure Oxford-educated English will heap calumny on me. I am just a Cambridge East African Indian!

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