Oxford Dictionaries API v2.5 is now live!

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Hello all!

We are delighted to announce that the Oxford Dictionaries API v2.5 is now live!

With this new release, many new language datasets have been included:

  • French monolingual
  • English – Hausa
  • English – Hindi
  • English – Farsi
  • English – Georgian

In addition to these 5 new languages datasets we are also launching a new endpoint:
The Search Thesaurus endpoint was developed with users who wish to query possible headword matches within the Thesaurus in mind, and offers similar functionality to the Search and Search Translations endpoints for thesaurus data.

You will also see that the Oxford Dictionaries API v2.5 includes bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your experience.

For more information please visit our API Updates page

If you have any questions, please post it as a comment here below.


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