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If I try to use the thesaurus API for certain words it returns 404. Does this mean that the API we can use has a limited range of words? (not the oxford dictionary words?) for example I get 404 for: cuttlefish, and tentacle... Is anyone else getting this problem?

I get it even when running the API through the website at:!/Thesaurus/get_entries_source_lang_word_id_synonyms

EDIT: I just tried again, and it worked. Does this mean that I am calling the API too quickly for multiple words?

Edit 2: I've been trying every so often, it barely ever works. Once in half an hour. Maybe the system is being overloaded? or I have a bad connection? It doesn't make sense.



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  • melliot73melliot73 Member

    OK, it seems like some words just aren't in

    I even get 404 returns for British spellings of words like "realise". Where realize (american) would be accepted...

  • SimoneSimone Administrator admin

    Hi @melliot73
    Sorry for the late reply, with the recent migration to the API V2 we've had a lot more correspondence.
    Are you still experiencing these difficulties?
    I've forwarded your question to my colleagues in the technical team so hopefully myself or one of them should be able to get back to you - bear with us!

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