Is sentences' audio available?

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I'm currently using prototype plan. I couldn't find any way to get example sentences' audio.
I know in OALD app for iOS, sentences' audio is available, but I'm not sure whether or not sentences' audio even exists in regular Oxford Dictionaries.

Anyway my question is:

  • Is example sentences' audio available if I switch to any other plan other than prototype?
  • If so, how can I request for the audio?

Thank you in advance.


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  • TaisFukushimaTaisFukushima Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
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    Hello @akiorange

    I'm afraid Oxford Dictionaries API only have pronunciation audio, not sentence audio. Since you mentioned the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionaries, we would like to inform you that they have a different API and this dataset isn't available in the Oxford Dictionaries API.

    I have informed the department responsible about the OALD about your query and I will respond to your question as soon as they respond. At the moment, you can visit this web page which gives you further information about their API and an email address for contact.


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