I need a language (or an endpoint) which you don’t have available via the API, what can I do?

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We are continually developing the API, and will be adding more datasets soon. 
You can see the languages currently supported here.

Contact us to sign up for the API newsletter to be notified when we add new datasets to the Oxford Dictionaries API.

We’d also love to hear about which languages you’d like to be able to access via the API.
If it is a language we currently do not support, I will pass it on to the technical team who will look into adding it.

You can stay up-to-date by checking in on the updates page.

We also have over 35 language datasets, from Afrikaans to Vietnamese, available to license via Oxford Dictionaries Licensing. We are also building content in 100 of the world's languages, many of which are digitally under-represented, as part of our Oxford Global Languages initiative. If you are interested in licensing this content, please contact us for more information.

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