Hindi dictionary doesn't always return results for words of Perso-Arabic origin

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I am querying the Hindi dictionary for some Hindi words that have a Persian or an Arabic origin.

The API does not return results if these words, written in the Hindi alphabet, are spelt with special Hindi characters. For example, words such as काग़ज़ and ख़लिश return no results. However, if I remove the dot (.) from the Hindi letter and query the API (with कागज and खलिश ), I get the expected results. But, the dotless word is not the correct spelling in Hindi :)

The Hindi dictionary entry itself shows the correct (with dot) spellings, though, both in the headword and also when these words are part of any ['results'][0]['lexicalEntries'][0]['entries'][0]['senses'].

See the correctly spelt काग़ज़ here:


Not sure if this is a bug or is just a Unicode issue at my end?



  • joughtredjoughtred Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    The API has the two words ख़लिश and काग़ज़

    These are found if you search for the forms with diacritics (ख़लिश and काग़ज़) or if you search for the forms without diacritics (खलिश and कागज).

    It looks like you might have typed a form with a different diacritic, which is not in our dictionary: क़ाग़ज़

    This could be why you are not getting a result for that search.

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