Make the most of the Oxford Dictionaries API

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Here is the recording of our online session:
Make the most of the Oxford Dictionaries API

In this session, Sandro Cirulli, our Lead Language Technologist, covered:

  • An introduction to the Oxford Dictionaries API
  • Some examples of how to use the API endpoints for various purposes
  • How to code a simple Python app using the API.

Who is this for?
Any developers beginning to work on their projects and who want to get started with the Oxford Dictionaries API.
It is also for those whose projects are already more advanced, but want to make the most of using the API.

There was a Q&A at the end, but if you wish to continue the discussion, or ask any other questions, please do it here!

Also, if you have any topic suggestions for future webinars, we'd love to know :)

Note: you can skip to 01:20 on the recording. This is when Sandro's presentation effectively begins - the introduction before that was just for the live session.

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