[Action required] API changes announcement for existing customers

Note: This announcement applies to API customers that are registered to a Prototype and Developer plans.

Hello all!

We are writing to inform you that a new set of plans is replacing our current application plans (Prototype and Developer plans) and prices.

As of 10th May 2022, the Prototype and Developer plans will no longer be operational. Oxford Dictionaries API will offer two new plans:

- Introductory plan
- Unlimited plan

For Prototype and Developer plan customers, changes are happening between 12th April 2022 and 10th May 2022. So do not worry! You will have time to check the options and choose how you wish to proceed using our data by selecting the Introductory or Unlimited plan.

For further instructions on how to change plans, and for more information, please visit our new plans announcement page.

Link: https://developer.oxforddictionaries.com/new-plans-announcement

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment or reach us at our Contact Us page. (https://developer.oxforddictionaries.com/contact-us)

The Oxford dictionaries API team

MEMBER GUIDELINES: Oxford Dictionaries API Community

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Welcome to the Oxford Dictionaries API Community, a space for you to get support for your questions and meet fellow developers who also use the Oxford Dictionaries API.

About the Oxford Dictionaries API Community
We will do our best to provide help and support with any you might have.
We also encourage you to browse questions submitted by other users and have a look at our FAQs document (coming up soon), as the answers you require may already be there.

In order to help us in providing replies that are useful, please add as much information as possible to your question, including:

  • What you were trying to achieve
  • How you proceeded
  • Which results you got instead of the expected ones
  • Don't forget to add the piece of code that is not working!

The team will do their best to reply as soon as possible, but some questions will demand a little bit more time – so bear with us, we will be working on it!

The community will be accessed by a team member at least once a day every weekday. We will start working on getting a good answer to you as promptly as we can, but we may not see every question posted immediately.

If you have a question about an Oxford Dictionaries product or subscription, or an enquiry about one of our dictionary entries, please visit the Help pages.

By using this the API developer community, the Oxford Dictionaries API portal, and any of the sites at oxforddictionaries.com you agree to comply with these Guidelines as well as our Privacy Policy, Legal Notice, and API Terms and Conditions. These documents outline general data protection terms, Oxford University Press’ rights to use any user-generated material and the fair use of the site

We welcome contributions from everyone. The following behaviour will not be accepted in any type of post or comment:

  • Any behaviour to other members or visitors to the forum and Oxford Dictionaries API portal which could be deemed aggressive or abusive.
  • Use of vulgar or offensive language (except in the context of a scholarly discussion about such language).
  • Any posts of a commercial nature, advertising, promoting, or selling products and services (unless it is a recommendation specifically requested by another member).
  • Trolling (“to make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them”).
  • Materials that are unlawful, threatening, harassing, profane, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, deceptive, fraudulent, contain explicit or graphic descriptions or accounts of sexual acts (including but not limited to sexual language of a violent or threatening nature directed at another individual or group of individuals), invasive of another’s privacy or hateful.
  • Materials that constitute or encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability.
  • Materials that contain a virus, spyware, or other harmful component, advertising of any kind, or false or misleading indications of origin or statements off act.
  • Deliberately false or misleading information.
  • Materials that are protected by copyright, or other proprietary or intellectual property right, without first obtaining permission from the proprietary or intellectual property rights holder.
  • Any sensitive, personal, proprietary or confidential information about yourself or others in your comments.

We reserve the right to monitor all postings for anything which contravenes these guidelines; as a result, some posts may be sent for moderation before publishing and, consequently, there may be a delay in the posting appearing on the forum.

We reserve the right to block without warning or discussion any user who does not adhere to these guidelines, and remove all previous posts and contributions.

Accuracy and honesty
We ask that you do not misrepresent yourself on your profile. It is the Oxford Dictionaries policy that members communicate with each other using their real name, for reasons of accountability and transparency.

These Guidelines can also be accessed as a PDF document (attached below).

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