Queries not being answered

zrazazraza Member


I registered my interest in the OED Researcher API but for over a week I haven't got any response from the OED people. I also sent a follow up query but still got no response. Any help?


  • SimoneSimone Administrator admin

    Hi @zraza
    Oh, apologies for the delay and the inconvenience - the team who looks after the OED API is a different one, and they sometimes need to deal with a large volume of queries to review, so this may take a bit.
    Unfortunately I can't resubmit your expression of interest, but if you had a specific query, would you be able to send that to me by private message here, and so I can forward it to the team?
    It may however still take some time for you to get a reply, depending on the number of requests they are dealing with at the moment - but I'll do what I can!

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