API v2.3.1 release

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Hello all!

Following our API v2.3 release in February 2020, we are pleased to announce our 2.3.1 release.

As you may know our English datasets include content from both the Oxford Dictionary of English (/en-gb/) and the New Oxford American Dictionary (/en-us/). Within the update from our editorial team both language datasets have now been updated with new words, new senses and new definitions.

We added 1,232 definitions to the Oxford Dictionary of English (/en-gb/) and 1,324 to the New Oxford American Dictionary (/en-us/), including 425 completely new headwords, phrases, and senses.

This update includes:

  • More than thirty terms relating to the coronavirus outbreak
  • New phrases
  • New senses of existing words
  • New science, technology, and medical words
  • Dozens of new words from global varieties of English, including 40 terms from a special project about Philippine English and Filipino culture
  • Moreover, we have also updated our Spanish Bilingual dataset, with 400 new entries added across the English-Spanish and Spanish-English texts.

Our editorial team also revised, updated, and corrected more than 3,700 entries. Hundreds of entries that referred to gender, sexuality, or ethnicity were reviewed, and more than 1,600 phrasal verbs were re-analysed and revised as well.

Over 2,700 entries on the Oxford Thesaurus of English (British and American) were editorially revised, updated, and corrected, and new synonyms were added to almost 1,000 entries.

You will also have access to more than 5,000 sound files added from both the Oxford Dictionary of English and the New Oxford American Dictionary.

We would also like to let you know that the LexiStats endpoint will be deprecated. The /stats/ endpoint will be available only until the next release of the Oxford Dictionaries API, due towards the end of May.

In addition, pronunciation audio files are now served over SSL from https://audio.oxforddictionaries.com.

For more information please visit our API Updates page

If you have any question please post it as a comment here below.

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