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Prototype plan:
This plan was created to those who would like to explore our basic functionalities and familiarise with our API before committing with a paid account. Within a Prototype account you have access to:

  • Entries and Lemmas endpoints only;
  • Maximum of 1,000 calls per month ;
  • It has a limited data access and call rate (500 calls per minute)
  • You can update to a Developer plan in your account settings anytime.

Developer plan:
If you need access to endpoints beyond entries and lemmas, this is the right plan. No limit in accessing all API endpoints and 28 datasets. You can also use our Powered by Oxford branding in your commercial products.
Within a Developer Plan you have access to:

  • The following API endpoints:
    o Entries
    o Lemmas
    o Search
    o Translations
    o Utility
    o Words
    o Inflections

  • Access for more than 20 languages provided in monolingual and bilingual datasets (not including English Monolingual)

  • Tiered discounts:
    o 1-10,000 requests: GBP 0.002 per request
    o 10,001-100,000 requests: GBP 0.001 per request
    o 100,001 + requests: GBP 0.0005 per request

  • No usage cap

  • Powered by Oxford branding
  • No caching

Enterprise plan:
Our Enterprise plan is for business and developers who wish to cache data and have a bespoke access. Within this plan you can:

  • Caching offline usage
  • XML and JSON data licensing
  • Branding options
  • Bespoke pricing based on requirements

To create or update your plan to an Enterprise plan, please complete this form and we will get back to you.

Research Plan
For those who are conducting lexical research affiliated with an academic institution, you can apply for non-commercial research access to the API.

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