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We’re thrilled to tell you about the exciting new features we’ve added to the Oxford Dictionaries API!

With the release of V2.2, you will now have access to an assortment of new tools and languages to improve your experience.

If you hold a Developer or Enterprise account, our new Words endpoint will allow you to swiftly retrieve all the information you need. You’ll receive definitions, pronunciations, example sentences, grammatical information, and word origins in one neat package.

We know you’ll enjoy using this new feature and are looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Additionally, all accounts will benefit from access to our bilingual dataset for Italian-English and English-Italian, and two Nigerian languages: English-Igbo, and English-Yoruba.

If that’s not enough, we’ve updated our English monolingual dataset, too.

You can also explore our new data feature that provides one or more encodings of a distinct tonal variation for a lexical item or its translation. And we have made improvements to our thesaurus endpoint to support grammatical features, while our search endpoint now has increased accuracy and reliability.

All this alongside general bug fixes and performance improvements will enhance your Oxford Dictionaries API experience.

You can find more information about these updates on our Updates and Release Notes page on the API portal.

If you have any comments, questions, or feedback about these updates, let us know in the comments below (but if you have a very specific question, you might want to start a new forum discussion).

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