Error trying to use translation in Python V2.

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I'm doing a monograph on this great API, but I can't use version 2 for "Python" translations.
Note: I am new to the art of programming.

The system displays error 403

I've read it many times and couldn't understand what I did wrong.
Could someone guide me?

************* My code*********Could someone help me please?
import requests
import json

app_id = 'xxxxxxx'
app_key = 'xxxxxxxxxx'
api_base_urll = ''

word_id = 'ace'
source_lang_translate = 'en'
target_lang_translate = 'pt'
strictMatch = 'false'

url = '' + source_lang_translate + '/' + target_lang_translate + '/' + word_id + '?strictMatch=' + strictMatch

r = requests.get(url, headers={'accept': 'application/json', 'app_id': app_id, 'app_key': app_key})

data = r.json()


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    Hello @dmoura329

    I have forwarded this issue to my colleagues from the technical team. They tried to do the same request and it is working fine for them.

    If you hold a Prototype plan, you won't be able to retrieve translations since this plan only allows requests to Entries and Lemmas endpoints.

    We hope this helps. Please let us know if you are still facing this issue.

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