The API has been updated to v2.1

SimoneSimone Administrator admin

We’re pleased to announce the update of our API to v2.1.

Amongst bug fixes and performance improvements, we have added Chinese bilingual, and Romanian monolingual datasets for you to explore. To improve your experience, we have also made the Lemmas endpoint available in Swahili, Setswana, Northern Sotho, Latvian, isiZulu, Romanian, and Tamil. You can see all the language updates on our updates and release notes page.

Our additional, and exciting new features include:

  • Filters and fields parameters available for the translations endpoint
  • Constructions at sense level
  • Etymologies at sense level
  • Registers at pronunciation level

Please also note that with this update, we have also moved away from HTTP, and only HTTPS will be accepted now.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

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