Duplication in lemmas results

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Hi Admins,

As I see for the following words there is a duplication in lemmas endpoint results.


results is :



and this: https://od-api.oxforddictionaries.com/api/v2/lemmas/en/cafe gives:



For the word "be" it gives three forms: BE, Be, be

This also is seen in V1.

Could you please explain the reason?

Best Regards,



  • laramanlaraman Member

    Another case: dino which gives DINO and dino

  • TaisFukushimaTaisFukushima Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hello @laraman

    Please accept my apologies for the slowness of this response

    I've forwarded this case to my colleagues from the technical team, and I was informed it isn't a duplication.

    The results mean that the given word can be an inflection of those Lexical Entries. For example, the word 'crater' can be a verb, a noun or other lexical category.

    I hope it helped!

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