Shouldn't v1 shutdown be postponed?

shahoodshahood Member ✭✭

Hi @Simone @AmosDuveen @TaisFukushima

Since the release of v2, many issues in data have been posted, most of which are still unresolved. Following are those v2 related unresolved issues where comparison with v1 data is a must.







In the light of above, shouldn't v1 shutdown be postponed till the time all such issues are resolved? If we lose access to v1, how would we be able to compare the results of both versions when the issue gets resolved?

Kindly look into this and reconsider your decision to shutdown v1 so early.




  • TaisFukushimaTaisFukushima Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hello @shahood ,

    Thank you for bringing these to our attention, all bugs raised are being prioritised in our ongoing development. We can help with a few of the issues you have raised here as well.

    For the issues you’ve raised in points 4 & 5 these will be resolved in our next update v2.1 which we are aiming to release late July.

    Our API v2 is the biggest upgrade since 2016. Therefore, it is completely different from v1 in architecture, code, database, and data, so there are some changes in behaviour from v1, which you have outlined in points 3 & 6.

    As we continue to develop v2 we will continue to resolve bugs and issues and aim to make the API as valuable and usable as possible.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

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