[v2] Notes are sometimes misplaced within results

GarryWoodGarryWood Member
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While updating an application to use the V2 API I noticed that sometimes the notes array appears to be misplaced with regard to the sense or subsense it refers to.

Two examples:

For the headword coal in the entries endpoint the first occurrence of notes is within the examples array whereas in V1 it would have been within the relevant sense

For the headword golf the second occurrence of notes is within the entries array and should be within the sense.

As noted in both cases these appeared differently in the V1 API, so either it is an intentional change in V2 or it is possibly a bug.


PS. The results referred to are based on the EN-GB language



  • SimoneSimone Administrator admin

    Hi @GarryWood
    Thanks for this as well - I've also raised it with the technical team, and will confirm to you whether this is an intentional feature or not as soon as I hear from them (this may take a few days, bear with me).

  • SimoneSimone Administrator admin

    Hi @GarryWood
    My colleagues checked and it seems like something is indeed wrong with the responses, so they have raise a ticket to fix them.
    I'll keep you posted, but please bear in mind that this may take some time.
    thanks again for flagging this up to us!

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