What is Oxford English Wordlist?

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I found out from v2 Migration guide that Wordlist endpoint has now been replaced with a new product called Oxford English Wordlist. As advised there, I tried to use the Contact us page to get info about this new product right when v2 was launched but have not received any info even after such a long time.

Kindly inform me about its features and price, if any.




  • TaisFukushimaTaisFukushima Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hello @shahood

    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm,

    We plan to release the Oxford English Wordlist in summer 2019.

    We will have more information about the product soon.

  • lkneebone489lkneebone489 Member

    Shahood, seems as though no one has really answered your question, I thought I would chime in because I am also keen to use the wordlist endpoint and have been previously informed about it.

    The wordlist in the old API version is a list of words but not all forms of the words - just base forms.
    I think this would be an example: the word "Run" would be included but not "Runs", "Ran", or "Running"

    As far as I know, the "Oxford English Word List" in the new API version will have all forms of words. Hope this helps.

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    @lkneebone489 I know what wordlist endpoint is because I used it for a long time. All I wanted to know was what features the new product carried. Thanks for your feedback, anyway!

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