English etymology content issue: missing spaces in text

I noticed a problem in the English etymologies data. There are spaces consistently missing, e.g. when describing the original languages.

For example, searching for: api/v2/entries/en-gb/magic, the etymologies data of the first entry looks like this:

"etymologies": [
                "late Middle English: from Old Frenchmagique, from Latinmagicus (adjective), late Latinmagica (noun), from Greekmagikē (tekhnē)‘(art of) a magus’: magi were regarded as magicians"

There should be spaces in "Old Frenchmagique", "Latinmagicus", "Latinmagica", "Greekmagikē", "(tekhnē)‘(art of)".

Maybe they used to be in italics or some other formatting and there was a problem converting the data into plain text?


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