Cant test "search" with prototype account

Could you help me with a couple of questions?
I created a prototype account and tested it via postman and these pages:
But "Search" returns "Authentication failed" for versions 1 and 2.
Could you tell me how can I test the "search" with the prototype account?
Thanks a lot!


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    Hello @mmot660
    I've forwarded your question to my colleagues in the technical team so hopefully myself or one of them should be able to get back to you - bear with us!

  • TaisFukushimaTaisFukushima Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
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    Hello @mmot660

    This error may have occurred because Prototype Accounts don’t have access to the Search functionality. Hence, you are not able to test the Search functionality with the Prototype account, the same is applied if you try it through Postman.

    Prototype accounts give you access to the Entries and Lemmas endpoints and a maximum of 1000 requests per month, allowing you to explore the API's basic functionality.

    In case you have further questions you can have a look in the FAQ.
    We also have a Status Codes page in our Portal which describes the types of errors you may encounter during the use of API.

    I hope it helped, let us know.

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