Dictionary plus lemmatron HTTP request?

My code looks up a word in the dictionary, and if it can't find the word it looks for the word in the lemmatron, and then if it finds the word in the lemmatron it takes the inflection and looks it up in the dictionary. This should be do-able in the back end, i.e., can you make an HTTP request that looks for the word AND then looks in the lemmatron if the word isn't in the dictionary? So I can ask for a translation of "teatros" and get back "theater, plural"?



  • RobinBRobinB Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @tdkehoe,

    We've chosen to keep the range of available endpoints as simple as possible and not combine them at the moment. It sounds as though you have developed a good method of achieving the results you require; unfortunately we don't have a ready-made endpoint that achieves this.

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