Can I access your dictionary data only via API or do you offer licensing? Which way should I choose?

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Thank you for getting in touch.
We offer academic and commercial licensing of content both through our API and via data files, so I’m sure we can find something for your needs.

Accessing our data via API

We’ve recently launched the Oxford Dictionaries API, and you can find out more about the language datasets currently available here.

Our pricing plans for the API are outlined below and here.

If you believe you will make more than 500k requests/month, we also offer custom Enterprise plans. If you would like to investigate this option, please contact us or leave a comment below.
Or if you would like to register for an account you can do so by selecting a plan here.

Accessing our data via licensing

We also licence content in another format in a single data delivery.
Pricing for this depends on the size and type of company and what it will be used for, but let us know if you think this will be the best option and I can pass you on to our licensing team.

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