How could I get alphabetical word list to display instead of search for particular word

Hello Team, I am trying to build an android app using Oxford API. I am quite happy to see all the endpoints that are given and that could help in my app. I want to ask what endpoint could I use to get a list of words as it appears in a dictionary instead of putting a search for a particular word.
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  • joughtredjoughtred Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @hsingh762. It may be worth looking at our Wordlist endpoint, where you can generate lists of up to 5000 words at a time. If this doesn't quite suit your needs, we also licence content in another format in a single data delivery, too, so do feel free to email us if you think this might be a good option for you and we can put you in touch with our licensing team.

  • hsingh762hsingh762 Member
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    Thanks @joughtred for your reply. If you referring to list where filtering with either category, domain or region can be done, that is needed but I am also looking for an alphabetical order of words as you get when you open a dictionary. I indeed have emailed my concerns to the team but am still awaiting a reply.

  • joughtredjoughtred Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @hsingh. Let us check the mailbox in case your email has automatically been sent to our spam folder. If we can find it, we will be in touch today.

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