Phrase Lemmatization using Lemmatron Endpoint

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Hi all!

I wanted to use Lemmatron Endpoint to lemmatize phrases but I have no success. For instance for phrase 'signed in' I expect to get sign in as lemma form of the phrase whereas I get response code 404. Am I doing something wrong, or does the endpoint only have support for single word queries?



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    Hi @gusanmaz270,

    At a guess, this is a data issue. We know our inflection data (which drive the Lemmatron) are not as complete as they could be and I suspect that content such as phrasal verbs which would previously have been considered subentries may not have any associated inflection data yet.

    I suspect there won't be any quick fixes for this because the morphology issues are being investigated in the context of a much wider review of our entire data structure (for internal purposes, not the data you receive as an output). Rest assured we are actively working to improve matters, but it may be a long haul, I'm afraid.

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    Hi @AmosDuveen,

    Thanks for your response!

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