Lemmatron lexicalCategory bug

Dear Administrators,

I have encountered a bug in Lemmatron for the word "thought" via this endpoint:


It gives 4 lexicalCategories which one of them is "Adverb"! with the id: "thought".

While "thought" is not an adverb.

I have even checked this id: "thought" in entries endpoint via these:



and api did not give "Adverb" as the lexicalCategory.

It seems there is a problem in Lemmatron of the word "thought".

I will appreciate if you have a look at it.

Kind Regards,


  • AmosDuveenAmosDuveen Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @laraman,

    This is a difficult one because I can think of ways in which "thought" might be used adverbially, but they all seem, at best, uncommon and, at worst, a bit contrived and sometimes slipping into phrasal verbs territory (e.g. thought controlling). This might be a marginal discrepancy in the data or it might be an actual error. I'll have to look into it further.

  • laramanlaraman Member

    Dear @AmosDuveen
    Thank you for your consideration.

    I have set a detector in my app to warn me whenever such discrepancies happen.
    I will notify you here if I encounter another one.

    Kind Regards,

  • AmosDuveenAmosDuveen Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @laraman,

    You may find that you're picking up a lot of chaff if you do that, for example, we are already aware that variant spellings have their own inflection forms leading back to the root variant; but it won't be found in the entries search because it is a variant.

    For this reason, we suggest you use the search endpoint if you are simply trying to look for an appropriate and valid entry.

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