• Re: The Dictionary Endpoint is Filtered by Default for Pronunciations

    Hi @AdamSteffanick,

    (apologies for the delay - I've just found this sitting in my drafts when I thought I'd posted it)

    The UK/US split in our data is complicated. There are pros and cons whether we define the split as a different endpoint or a filter within a single endpoint.

    The English dictionary data is a single database but the differences between UK and US run so deep that they cannot be accurately reflected in any single output (we cannot put both the 'underwear' sense and the 'trousers' sense of 'pants' top; it must be one or the other). Therefore, what we have put together is the best way forward we could manage but I'm not sure there will ever be a way to satisfy both British and US users in a single output.

  • Re: Cross linked IDs between senses

    Hi @simonesmith,

    That is a long way beyond my remit, or even knowledge but, as a personal opinion, I very much doubt it would be a problem. I imagine you would have to come to an agreement over commercial terms in a new licensing deal rather than 'upgrade' the existing ones, but that is a fairly minor quibble.

    If it is of interest to you, when you make contact, I could arrange for Jo to bring in one of our Global Business Development (GBD) reps who will know more and be better able to advise on the commercial aspects of licensing, however, any detailed discussion would be better left until you know you have some commercial use for the data.