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  • if you're still interested in using the API from the client-side, there are some workarounds. Like for example configuring a proxy server to forward your requests on behalf of your client. Not sure what language you're attempting this with, but it is simple in Angular and Ionic.
  • Hello: setting aside the full API, is it possible to get a complete list of English words? I need something similar to this list: (2.6MB, about 260,000 words) I could just use that one for my app, but I would prefer a list with corresponding entries in the Oxford API. The…
  • With vanilla Javascript this is not possible, but it is possible in case you are using a front-end JS library like Angular or Ionic. In Angular, client-side HTTP requests to the Oxford API will give "403 Access Forbidden" errors. To get around it, you can configure your proxy.conf.json like this: { "/ace": { "target":…