• If it helps, I put together a sample Android app with full source code and README at I make use of 3 libraries to make life easier (Retrofit, RxJava and Renderers). I hope the sample is informative.
  • Yes, the code generation tool uses Java, but the output can be any one of the available languages: $ java -jar swagger-codegen.jar langsAvailable languages: [android, aspnet5, async-scala, cwiki, csharp, cpprest, dart, flash, python-flask, go, groovy, java, jaxrs, jaxrs-cxf, jaxrs-resteasy, jaxrs-spec, inflector,…
  • Thanks for turning this around so quickly! Code generation is working nicely now.
  • Note: I was pulling the JSON documentation definition from
  • Simone, thanks for the invite to the API community. I do freelance consulting work. A recent freelance project asked me to incorporate the Oxford Dictionaries API into an Android native app. I am a big fan of Swagger for API documentation, so it was a pleasure to see your "live" docs here, they were a great help.