• Hi @tdkehoe, We've chosen to keep the range of available endpoints as simple as possible and not combine them at the moment. It sounds as though you have developed a good method of achieving the results you require; unfortunately we don't have a ready-made endpoint that achieves this.
  • Hi @jmiller, If you input a word as the value in the "lemma" parameter of the /words/ endpoint, (e.g. .../words/?lemma=orchestra) this will return the ID of the word within the results. "id": "132287-33271555w", "band": 9, "lemma": "orchestra", "oed_url": "",
  • Hi @nwagh404, The API MP3 files are MPEG-1, 160 kbps, 44,100 kHz. We only have UK and US English audio available at the moment. Thanks, Robin