• AmosDuveen

    Hi Simone,

    This is more of a personal braindumping memo but I just thought I'd post some thoughts about this thread before I forget them.

    Basically, what I think has happened is that the decision to expand the subentries to make them into full entries has broken one of the logical assumptions underpinning the Lemmatron function. So, if you take the example given, 'egoistically = ego + ist + ic + al + ly', where you are trying to trace it back to 'ego', you actually get given the root as 'egoistically' because that word was found as a headword form and assumed to be the root.

    I've tried to lead simonesmith/PedroAsantez down the garden path a little by asking whether (s)he got any error codes because that way, if (s)he then disagrees and comes back with observations that match mine, I won't have led him/her to it. I don't (s)he did get any error code, I think, (s)he just didn't get the response (s)he expected.

    July 25
    • Simone
      Hi Amos
      this seems to make sense - as far as I understand the issue!
      However it looks like I got your post here after you had already replied to her - so I'm sorry if it looks like I ignored it before, but I've seen it literally this minute!
    • AmosDuveen
      No problem, like I said, it was more of a brain dump to preserve my train of thought.