/wordlist/{source_lang}/{filters_advanced} filters

My goal is to make a request that returns a list of verbs that have a transitive usage. When making a request for a single entry it is possible to filter by grammaticalFeatures, but for the wordlist request this is not an option. I was hoping that there was another way around this. All I want is a list of the transitive verbs in english


  • shahoodshahood Member ✭✭

    Hi @bchase567 Pl note that wordList endpoint is available only till Jun this year after which it will be converted into a new product.

  • bchase567bchase567 Member

    I just need it to work in this way a single time.

  • ccrouch1996ccrouch1996 Administrator admin

    Hi @bchase567. We're looking into this for you and will be back with a full response soon.


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