Related Tense


Is there is any endpoint available for finding related tenses,

If I Pass a verb, It should return all the related tense,

For Example,

1.     If I pass "played", it should return, play, playing, played
        play --> playing --> played -->played
  1. If I pass "Working", It should return work, working, worked
    work --> working-->worked-->worked

Thanks in advance.



  • preimannpreimann Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @npalaniappan35,

    Many thanks for your query. At present it is not possible to configure a request that would return the possible inflections of a given word. To help me understand your requirements further, so that we could look at developing such a feature, could you describe the application you are looking to use this data for? Would it suffice to just receive the list of possible forms, or would you also require the tense and person tagging to achieve what you need? Is this being used to help people learn English or would other language data be needed as well?

    Best wishes,


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