spanish translation don't match


I was looking at the word run: GET /entries/en/run/sentences and i get something like this
"senseIds": [
"text": "As we crossed the street onto the sidewalk a car came out of nowhere and ran the red light, hitting a light pole and hitting Mark."

and I noticed that b-en-es0041810.037 should be for the espaniol but then I get correr:
GET /entries/es/correr and I get
"senses": [
"definitions": [
"Desplazarse rápidamente [un vehículo o una persona en un vehículo]"
"examples": [
"text": "es peligroso para uno mismo y para los demás correr mucho en automóvil"
"id": "genID_d122689e608306"

cannot find b-en-es0041810.037 seems is different than genID_d122689e608306 format.

How to get the ES senses for b-en-es0041810.037?


  • SimoneSimone Administrator admin

    Hi @PedroAsantez
    I hope you are well.
    Let me find someone to help you with this!

  • AmosDuveenAmosDuveen Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @PedroAsantez,

    I don't think I fully understood your question on Friday but looking at this, I can see the problem. The fact is that the English and Spanish dictionaries came from entirely separate datasets (and the English-Spanish bilingual is again entirely separate); this historical fact means that the IDs do not correlate with each other. Each dictionary has its own IDs (note the different prefixes: "...en-gbus-...", "...en-es...", and "genID_...", which is why you noticed the distinction you did.

    The link you noticed between the sentence dictionary and both English and English-Spanish datasets is because the sentence dictionary is a later development which we tried to editorially link to other English content by including the relevant IDs. However, the sentence dictionary is supplementary to the English content and, as a separate source, it again does not correlate to other non-English data (i.e. these sentences are not translated and any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be relied upon).

    We do have a bank of phrase translations but these are commercial licensing products and not available via the API.

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