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Developer Account gets Authorization Error

I have a developers account. Using Oxford's webtool under the Documentation Tab (which pre-fills my Id and Key) I get the error below. Thank you, Mike

AppId: xxx
AppKey: xx

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: text/plain'
--header 'app_id: xxxc' --header 'app_key: xxxx'

Request URL

Request Headers
"Accept": "application/json",
"app_id": "xxx",
"app_key": "xx"

Response Body
Authentication failed

Response Headers
"connection": "keep-alive",
"content-encoding": "gzip",
"content-length": "41",
"content-type": "text/plain; charset=us-ascii",
"date": "Tue, 20 Jul 2021 16:37:08 GMT",
"server": "openresty",
"x-envoy-upstream-service-time": "180"


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