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Phonetic Notation

denizdeniz Member

Hi- I have a question regarding pronunciation results. Particularly, the API returns the following for water. What is respell phonetic notation? I couldn't find any information on the API docs.

[{'dialects': ['American English'],
  'phoneticNotation': 'respell',
  'phoneticSpelling': 'ˈwôdər'},
 {'audioFile': '',
  'dialects': ['American English'],
  'phoneticNotation': 'IPA',
  'phoneticSpelling': 'ˈwɔdər'},
 {'dialects': ['American English'],
  'phoneticNotation': 'respell',
  'phoneticSpelling': 'ˈwädər'},
 {'audioFile': '',
  'dialects': ['American English'],
  'phoneticNotation': 'IPA',
  'phoneticSpelling': 'ˈwɑdər'}]

Thank you.



  • TaisFukushimaTaisFukushima Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited April 21

    Hello @deniz

    Sorry for the late response.

    I have checked with the product team. They have informed that the US spelling transcriptions can be expressed as ‘respell’ or ‘IPA’.

    IPA is a widely used system of phonetic transcription; ‘respell’ is a different form of transcription that is designed to be easier for readers who are not familiar with IPA to understand.

    Let me know if you have more questions :)

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